The foot of the hills in Brognoligo
is home to the Portinari wine farm.

In the early 1980s Umberto decided to work the family vineyards himself, even though his parents had not farmed them in person.
He knew the farm was small, but realized the special character of his vines, and so embarked enthusiastically on both husbandry of the vines and vinification of their grapes.
In more recent years Umberto has been joined in the vineyards, winery and product placement by his daughter and son, Maria and Silvio. The enthusiasm and new ideas of this younger generation are harnessed to the ambition of seeking success for their Soave wines.

Totalling just four hectares, the Portinari wine farm consists of two separate plots: Ronchetto, the origin of their Soave D.O.C.G. Classico "Ronchetto"; and Albare, origin of their Soave DOC "Albare".
The Ronchetto vineyard is situated in the hills rising from Brognoligo towards Fittà di Soave. It is sunlit from dawn to dusk, and sits at about 150 metres above sea level. Its vines were planted in 1960, and the soil is of volcanic origin.
The Albare vineyard is sited in plainland east of the Alpone stream, and its vines were planted in 1987. The soil is alluvial, rich in clay.
In this vineyard the Double Ripening technique is applied (see the explanation attached).
The Albare vineyard also produces Soave “Santo Stefano”, obtained from late harvested grapes subject to double ripening, and the Spumante "Perle d’Oro".

The best grapes taken from both vineyards are used to produce the Recioto di Soave “Oro” and the Passito "AnnaGiulia".